Nothing Holding Me Back…But Myself

I recently had an experience that slightly changed the way that I want to view myself within this world.

To start, I recently attended a conference, and the speaker asked us to get into groups and practice the art of listening (apparently no one really listens to each other in real life). So, we did. The group I was in was made up of two people I knew, and two that I had just met.

When it was my turn to talk, I discussed my excitement, but hesitation about starting this blog. I spoke about how starting this blog has been on my mind for about a year now, but I’ve always had doubts. I wasn’t sure if it would be accepted, or if people would enjoy reading it (I mean, who in this universe is really interested in what “I” have to say).

Along with this blog, I was asked other personal questions: “What are your goals?” “What do you like most about yourself?”….and my absolute favorite….”What are your weaknesses?”

After answering, in depth, the many questions that were asked, the group members each had to give feedback on what I talked about. Throughout this process, I was completely content with myself until a friend of mine (who was in the group) made this comment: “You know, you seem to want to talk more about your short comings than the things that you’re actually good at or passionate about.”

…..At that moment, I literally just had a wow moment. That one comment made me question how I really thought about myself. I really had to ask myself: “Am I really as confident as I would like to think that I am?”

The answer to that is no. Looking back on my life, I have realized that I have let my continuous negative thoughts run my life. I may have missed tons of opportunities and the chance of meeting great people because my personal vibes were out of sync.

It was in that moment that I realized that I definitely had to make a personal change. I wondered….”If she was able to notice that about me within a 5 minute conversation, who else has noticed it?”…this may be a question that I will never have an answer to.

For those of you out there who may have had similar experiences, how did you deal with them? Any advice that you would like to give?

***Personal Resolution***

I VOW to overcome each negative thought with five powerful positive ones. It is time that I wake up and realize that I am the rarest of butterflies…

**Sighs***…..this realization calls for a glass of Moscato…..




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