April Favorites!


Hello Loves!

It has definitely been a while since we have spoken, but I thought that I would put an end to the silence by having a “Favorites” update. I hope that you all enjoy!

To Start off, we will begin with “Bodily Love” = )


If you know me, you know that I love to pamper myself in the Shower. I love soaps, specifically organic or handmade, that make both me and my bathroom smell like heaven. I also love body scrubs. Body scrubs are great for removing dead skin, and are also great for keeping the skin healthy and moisturized (well, at least mine).

These three have worked wonders for me. The Mayfair Sugar scrub was my first purchase this month. I was roaming around Target, looking for something to buy, and BAM! This Grapefruit scented body scrub caught my eye. This scrub is very thick, which also allows it to be moisturizing, and is not too rough on the skin. The other two are from LUSH. The top right is called Ocean Salt, which I use on the body and the face (occasionally), and the other is called RUB, RUB, RUB. Both are awesome, not too rough, and will leave you feeling like a Goddess.


“Facial Love!”


I love pampering myself! One way that I do that is with a periodic facial. Well….I guess that it’s not a full facial since it’s only a mask, but it still works magic = ) I use this mask either once a week, or every other week (depending on how I feel) and it leaves my face feeling as though all the stress from the day has melted away.

If there is one thing that I have learned in college, it is that no one is going to take care of “you” but you. Therefore, it is great to find something that soothes your nerves and makes you feel good. And, trust me, This will make you feel good.


“For the Love of Hair!”


I love my hair, but I am not obsessed with it. I don’t have a set routine like most Naturalistas, and I don’t have an abundance of favorite products. But, with that said, these two products have definitely made the list this month. The R&B Hair Moisturizer is one that was purchased from LUSH (Thanks Ma!). This is a thick moisturizer that is really great for my hair. I have very (VERY VERY) thick hair, and I need conditioners that will penetrate deep into my hair, and this definitely does the trick. I will be honest with you and say that I have only owned this product for 2 weeks (since my birthday), but it has not let me down, and is definitely worth the price.

Mimosa Hair Honey………..There are just no words to describe. It is moisturizing and its smell is “to die for!”

“For the Love of Beauty!”


I have had this Morphe 350 pallet since January, but I haven’t really used it much until this month. These colors of phenomenal. If you are a nude girl like me, this pallet is for you! Be on the look at for a post on this Pallet!

My second fave in this category is my MK Lip Pencil in Coffee. This has been my “g0-to” lip liner and eyebrow pencil. It may seem weird that I use a lip liner for my eyebrows, but for me (personally) it looks and works better.

Last in this category is my sample smash box lip-gloss in the color Coraline. This is my go-to on days where I decide not to wear Colourpop or Lipstick. It has a peachy appearance, but goes on almost clear. It is also no too thick, but not too thin either….and it is also LONG LASTING!!!

“For the Love of Obsession!”

So..I am not sure if I am going through an identity crisis, but I love wearing glasses! ( Yes, they are “fake” and no, they are not prescription). Wearing these makes almost every outfit a bit more edgy, and I’m not sure if it is my imagination, but my eyebrows are more “On-Fleek” with them on.


This is the end of my Favorites: April addition. I hope that everyone enjoys.

Are there other topics or beauty products that you would like discussed? Is there anything else from me that you would like to see? Let Me Know!

Pour that Moscato into a Glass on this Beautiful Sunday, Dear and enjoy!