Is Tomorrow Promised for Us?

I wake up to the news that another one of Us has been shot dead.

I watched the video 5 times.

I saw him laying with his back to the ground.

I saw a Police officer with his knee in that man’s chest. I saw him pull out his gun, yell something, then shoot multiple times. I watched the video 5 times. Part of me believes what I saw because this type of incident occurs way too often. But the other part couldn’t believe that one human being would do this to another.

My heart and soul goes out to #AltonSterling and his family; His Wife and His Children.


In the Church, members have always heard the saying “Tomorrow is not Promised” in reference to giving your life to Christ while you still could; Before it was too late to do so. But now, I think of that phrase as a mantra for the society that We live in.

Is Tomorrow Promised to Us? Us, as in those of us of Color and of African Decent.

The answer is simple: No.

It is sad to think that every day, when we wake up and walk out of our house, people of African Decent have a pre-written death warrant waiting for Us. To think that when I walk out of my house today, I may not make it back home to safety due to a Cop’s particular attitude that particular day is scary. He’s pissed because the Doughnut Shop didn’t have strawberry sprinkled doughnuts and now he has to take it out on somebody. But, it can’t be someone that the Law cares about, so He chooses Us; Men and Women of Color, Men and Women of African Decent. Why? Because he can.

To think that going to the grocery store could be a hazard is scary.

To think that getting gas could be a hazard is scary.

To have a jolt of fear every time a Cop is driving behind me, is scary. Why? Because I could be next.

I could be the one handcuffed, pushed to the ground and shot unarmed. That could be me and there is nothing that anyone would be able to do about it because the System doesn’t protect Us. The System sends those Cops on Paid Leave and Makes sure that they don’t get convicted. The System makes sure that those Cop’s names aren’t tarnished, but would drag mine through the Mud. The System will dig up anything from my past and convince the public that I somehow deserved that treatment. That’s what would happen to me.

But, to be honest, my biggest fear about this scenario isn’t even for me. It’s for my Brother. My Brother, who is a promising Black teen who will turn into a Successful Black Man. My Brother who is gifted in both Academia and Athletics. My Brother who is Tall. My Brother who is Brown. My Brother who is Bold. My Brother who is unapologetically Black because our Parents raised us to be that way. My Brother who speaks his mind.

My Brother, who is a Black Boy who will Turn into a Black Man. My Brother who is the Ultimate Threat to This Society.

He is who I think about when these “stories” make the news or when I watch the video of the shootings or when I watch the widows and children cry.

Tomorrow is not Promised for Us. It is not Promised for me. But, I will take a stand now and find a way for it to be Promised for Him…even if it is at my own expense.

Peace&Blessings to you.



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