The Quiet Corner: Time to UnPack.

So, Tuesday morning, I was packing for my Red Eye.

Packing was exhausting and stressful because I have this ugly habit of over packing when going on vacation, buying stuff while on vacation, and then making an attempt to fit everything back in my bag. During this very annoying time, I realized that I could no longer do this; I can’t keep over-packing this bag or its zippers won’t be able to function anymore.


The Weird thing about that whole process, was that I learned a lot about myself during those 5 minutes of trying to close my bag.

Doesn’t make sense? Well, let me explain.

Mental Health: Needing to Deal with my Emotions


See…in the same way that my bag was filled to capacity with clothes and goods, I allow myself to be filled to capacity with feelings and emotions, specifically negative feelings and emotions.

There are a lot of times when I allow my sadness and anger, frustration and irritation to build up over time. I tell myself to get over it. In the same way that I smush my clothes together to fit into my bag, I smush my emotions down and bury them deep within my body.

Now, I don’t know why packing for a flight made me realize the problems that I have been having with my emotions, but I am glad that it did. It came to me like an epiphany, you know? It was like God whispered in my ear, “Yo, you see how this isn’t working out for you?”..and my response was “Yeah…I do now”.

The Outlet

  • Consistent Journaling: I am not a talker. So, needless to say, I do not like talking to others about my personal feelings. With that said, I plan on journaling consistently, so that I can get those negative thoughts and feelings “off of my chest” and mind. I have found that the more that I try to keep those feelings inside, the more I think about it. For me, writing it down may be the greatest way for me to clear my mind and soul of whatever is trying to taint my spirit.
  • Prayer: There was a time when I had daily conversations with God. It was during those times when I felt most at peace. I need to get back to that place.


For any of you who may be going through a similar situation or experience, feel free to leave a comment. Let us discuss how we can both be better.


Peace&Blessings from yesterday and beyond.




2 thoughts on “The Quiet Corner: Time to UnPack.

  1. You write about the same thing often enough and you get a clue, or at least you should. If you keep writing about the same thing you can take action and do something different. Problem solved. Even small things do much to make life easier.


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