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Setting Boundaries and Forgiveness.

I have come to learn that not everyone deserves to roam through my soul.


I have learned a lot about myself this summer.

That is why I started The Quiet Corner. I wanted to share a few of my thoughts and epiphanies about myself with others to see who could possibly relate. This particular segment is about Boundaries and Forgiveness.

On Setting Boundaries:

I have learned this summer that I have my heart on display for everyone to see. That is not always a good thing.

I have learned this summer that I am kind beyond measure. In some instances, that is not a good thing, but I refuse to have my kindness taken away from me.

I have also learned that I love to give my 100% to those who I feel bonded to. But, I have also learned that (in some instances) the percent given in return isn’t of equal weight.

I have learned that there are those who enjoy jokes at one moment, and in the next, turn and attack.

There are times when I learn that I am confused and hurt, and allow the same cycle to repeat with those people who I feel bonded to.

…But this is to say no more. As a sensitive human being, there are boundaries that need to be set to guard you from people who try to take from you, whether it be acquaintances, friends, and even family. I refuse to allow those that I hold close unfairly drain me. Because how is that fair to me? I now refuse to have my kindness taken for weakness, jubilance twisted, and my laughter taken all for an individuals laps in confidence and their insecurity.

I now have boundaries.

Boundaries that will enable me to bounce back, and not stay down wondering “What did I do wrong?”

Boundaries are needed. Boundaries are necessary.

On Forgiveness:

Last night, I shared a video that HalfieTruths posted about forgiveness.

What stood out to me most was her statement that  the person that you need to forgive doesn’t have to be present to accept the forgiveness…

That statement resonated with me because there are people in my life who I need to forgive, but they wouldn’t be able to handle the conversation needed to get there. I find that when I attempt to have a conversation, the focus is often deflected, the problem is never resolved, and the tensions escalate. I find that, after these conversations, I end up angrier than I was before.

Nothing productive happened.

Nothing was resolved.

In her video, HalfieTruths gave the suggestion of writing a forgiveness letter to the person.

…Needless to say, I wrote two letters last night…

…Needless to say, my soul is no longer burdened with un-needed baggage; baggage that wasn’t mine to begin with anyway

Here is an excerpt from one of the letters that I wrote:

” But, with all of that said, I forgive you for all of your trespasses towards me. Who am I to carry all of this baggage around. I forgive you and you will no longer be a factor in my mental, physical and spiritual well being. I forgive you, and you will no longer occupy  space in my brain nor my soul, because, ma’am, you do not pay rent there. I forgive you, with all of my soul, because there is a small part of you that tries to tear me down, whether you know it or not. I forgive you because if I don’t, I will become another you…and I can’t pass that along.”

Choose boundaries and forgiveness my loves.

Peace&Blessings from yesterday and beyond.


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