WedneSpirations #1

“To be Brilliant and not realize it – a catastrophe” ~ Yrsa Daley-Ward

I am pretty sure that everyone sometimes wonders who they are as a human being, and what they can contribute to the world. I know I do.

We sit back and compare ourselves to other people, who we assume are great & living awesome lives, and wonder why we can’t be like them. I know, I do that too.

On a college level: When there are seniors who, before their last semester, already have jobs waiting for them. I tend to wonder: “Am I a failure?”…I must be doing something wrong.

On a woman level: looking at other women and seeing beauty that you feel you may lack. Whether its physical, like the “perfect body” or a picturesque face, or internal, like a super out-going personality or a “brilliant mind.”

Don’t worry. As much as I build myself up, I fall into those periods of comparing myself to another person to see how I measure up. It is a very common thing to do, especially amongst females. But, I am here to tell you to Stop. Stop doing that.

The more you compare yourself to another person, the more you are belittling your own brilliance. Everyone is brilliant in their own right. Everyone is different, therefore, it is impossible to compare yourself to another.Even if you are a twin, you still cannot be compared, because God made us in our own unique way.

We learn differently, we grow differently, and we interpret things differently.

We are brilliantly unique, and uniquely brilliant. And that is what we need to remember.


#WednesdayInspiration #Wednespiration

Peace&Blessings from yesterday and beyond



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