For the Love of Melanin.

There is a burden to having Melanin, you know…

It’s almost as if there is extra weight on our shoulders, which causes our breathing to be harder..and harsher…

then causes our steps to sink deeper.

There is a burden, you know, to having Melanin. It’s as if, when we walk, we are walking through sinking sand, or when we run, we are running through a rushing river…

There is a burden to having Melanin, and I think the hardest part of it is having to explain that to other, non-Melanated people. Because, you see, they don’t go through life the same as we.

But, it is all good I guess. Because, you see, this Melanin that I have is an honor that very few hold dear. And, although it may be heavy, this burden makes me stronger. And, although I may breath harder, you see, my lungs are just more fit for survival. And, although my steps sink deeper, I still have the power to move forward…and besides, my calf muscles look great in the process.

There is a burden to having Melanin…But there is also a beauty.


We are entering a time when we need not be afraid of our Melanin and the pain that we have been through as a People.

I applaud Collin Kaepernick and Jesse Williams, for speaking out. And I cut my eyes to those in our community who belittle them or look over their stance because they may have a little less Melanin than some of us. I have seen questions social media of them being “Black enough”, and I hear a lot of talk about how their stance is only heard because of their “light-skin privilege”.

(No, not everyone is saying this, but I have heard it enough to see that colorism is still a definite issue in our community)…

And yes, maybe they have been allotted some privilege. But, isn’t it a good thing to be using your “privilege” to shed light on the atrocities that are occurring? How bold and how brave is it to stand out and take a stand. This question of whether our people are black enough always baffles my mind because it shows that even Black people don’t know our own history.

This division of color among us needs to end. In the end, we are all one people. In the end, we were all hurt, abused, and brainwashed…a brainwashing that has obviously had a lasting affect. The color of our skin does not take away our roots and our legacy.

For the Love of Melanin goes deeper than our skin color, but down to who we are as a People…From my lighter-skin sister with the green eyes, to my mahogany sister with the coarse hair. God did not intend for us to be put against each other, but we were dropped in a system that skewed our perspective.

It is time to change that.                   Why have we let the brainwashing affect us for so long?

For the Love of Melanin is a salute to all black people and brown people who are marginalized and disenfranchised and abused and neglected.

Who sometimes look down, when they should be holding their heads up…

Who sometimes mumble, for fear of speaking too loud…

Who sometimes hide, for a fear of being seen…

Who sometimes sometimes lose hope

Who are sometimes so consumed that they can’t see the forest for the trees…

I applaud Jesse for his speech at the BET awards and his involvement in activism. It is inspiring to me. I applaud Collin for taking a stand for the injustices that occur on an everyday bases to Black and Brown people of this country. I Applaud All Black people who take a stand for Black issues. I Applaud BlackLivesMatter for standing in solidarity with our Native American brothers and sisters in their fight against the pipeline.


This post is for all Melanin, for the Love of all Melanin.

It is due to our tints of darkness that our lives are considered less than…inferior.

And it is due to our tints of darkness that we will become stronger.


I want to start a new series of posts titled “For the Love of Melanin”. My goal is to get the perspectives and experiences of other people in their journey of life being a person of Melanin.

We all have a story…

And I wish to explore it.


Peace&Blessings from yesterday and beyond.




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