WedneSpirations: Reflections

“Just like Moons and like Suns, With the Certainty of Tides, Just like Hopes Springing High, Still I’ll Rise” ~ Maya Angelou


Yesterday was my breaking point. I think I am coming closer to my last straw.


Yesterday, I had a rush of fear that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before. It was a strong fear; one that wasn’t about myself, but was about others. A fear that…at any moment, the Men and Women in my life, that I love, that I cherish, could suddenly be taken from me.

It was a crippling fear, that had an affect on my day.

Yesterday morning, I got on twitter and learned that another black life was lost. Yesterday afternoon, I had to endure overhearing the rant of a Trump supporter while at work, and Yesterday evening, I learned about another fatal shooting.

A shooting of another Man. A Black Man. The shooting of Black Men.

Yesterday was the day that I cried. Not at all for myself, but for the lives that I love and cherish. I cannot fathom how the lives that I care for aren’t cared for by the society that we live in. The men that I look up to, the men that I love, have loved, and will love, are just target practice for those whose hearts are filled with hatred and stereotypes.

My Father is Much more than a Black man. He is a Generous and Loving Man. Who sacrifices all for his family.

My Brother is Much more than a Black man. He is intelligent. He is a future leader.

My Ex-Boyfriends are more than Black men. They are game-changers, activist, artists and lovers.

My Uncles are more than Black men. They are givers of life.

My Aunts are more than Black women. They are bringers of life.

How is it that we are considered less than? How is it that we are not valued? How is it that we are not valid? And, how is it that we, Black People, are doctors, lawyers, and Presidents, but are still considered to be 3/5 of a human being…that we can be gunned down…that the films of our deaths are spread like cancer through the media…how our dead are criticized?

How is it that the death of an animal gets more respect than the death of our Men and Women?


I don’t know what God’s plan is for us. But I do know that our suffering doesn’t go unnoticed. God created Us in his image, the same as he created every other race. One day, our divinity will be realized.

One Day, as a People, We Will Rise.


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