WedneSpirations #4

“we recharge our phones more than we recharge our bodies” ~Charlamagne the God


How are we treating our bodies?

Are we giving ourselves the nutrients that it deserves? Are we treating ourselves with respect?

As a college student, it is not uncommon to find yourself needing sleep. Midterms, Group Papers, and Finals are of the devil and shows mercy to no (wo)man. But, is that an excuse to neglect yourself?

As much as I am a self care advocate, I too find myself receiving less than the seven hours of sleep needed to function properly. That’s when I really try to put things into perspective:

“Does this need to be completed at this moment?”

“How much of a priority is this assignment?”

“Have I over-committed/over-worked myself?”

This is the thought process of everyone on a college campus, though some have different perspectives of it. There are those who pride themselves on the lack of sleep that they receive, due to work load or extracurricular expectations. There are others who don’t do much at all, and receive all of the sleep that they need.

I find that I am in the middle of these two extremes. Although I am involved and am a full time student, I also have a need for sleep. I make it a point to get AT LEAST 6 hours of sleep…and even waking up from that is a struggle, so I really don’t see how people function solely off of 4 or 3…or even 2 (God Forbid).

I find that when I tell people that I actually make time for sleep, they laugh…as if sleep isn’t a requirement for a healthy life. The amount of sleep received has become somewhat of a competition (“I’m so tired.” “Why?” “I was up late studying; I am running off of 4 1/2 hours of sleep.” “Bruh,  I don’t know why you’re complaining, I only got 2, and I am fine.”)

……Like I said…that’s not healthy.

This morning, Charlamagne the God made a great point. He said that this generation, when seeing that their phone reaches 10%, is quick to run someone over for a charger. But, when we need to “recharge”, we think twice about it…

So, why do we give our phones more energy than we give ourselves…..?

Just a question to ask yourself the next time you plug your phone into its charger.

…I guess I say all of this to say…Take care of yourself first. You are all that you have. One body. One Mind. Your health.

Take Charge of It.

That’s it = )

Peace&Blessings from Yesterday and Beyond.




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