Safe Space {in the wake of a tragedy}

I think, for a while, I questioned my blog…

the reasoning behind it, why I started it in the first place, am I reaching anyone, do I have anything to offer…

One of my many insecurities is that I have nothing to offer this world

…that the world thinks that I am boring and uninteresting…my interests don’t align with others, that my blog does not create the same experiences as other blogs do…

I had plenty of thoughts about deleting my blog all together.

…I began to question my worth as a writer. and tell myself that I had nothing to say.

But all of that changed after the election.

The results that appeared early Wednesday morning angered me, but it did not surprise me.

I was never foolish enough to believe that my value as a human being was not belittled by the vast majority of Caucasians living in this country. I was never foolish enough to believe that the vast majority of Caucasians viewed me as their equal. I was never foolish enough to believe that, if they could turn back the hands of time, they would have me picking cotton and raising their children instead of me receiving my education.

Now, this is not to say that this is the mindset of them all, but, the election turn-out and results shows that it is the mindset of most.

The threats that people of color have received during these past few days, from “tar and feather” threats to being added to a lynching group chat, shows the increased comfort and acceptance of Trump’s anti-everything rhetoric  and his hate speech.

I, being a young black woman living alone in a predominantly Caucasian area, have to be on alert. I now have to watch over my shoulder twice as much, or second guess leaving my apartment after a certain time, or be extra weary of who I interact with, because now everything is up for grabs…even my life.

In these past two months I have second guessed the purpose of my blog, but that is no more. In this world where hate seems like it is winning, where humans are valued based on their shade (especially if they are Black), and where women are forced to live in a bubble of male entitlement, I am here to say that this blog is your safe space.

For the Muslim women who walk around in fear of wearing their hijab, this space is for you. Live life the way that God has called you to, and never be afraid to do so.

For the Women who live in a world where sexual assault is brushed aside, and where the reputation of the man is of more importance that the violation inflicted on you, this blog is a safe space for you.

For those in the LGBT community, who are not only judged on your race and gender, but devalued based on your sexual orientation, this blog is a safe space for you.

For children and young adults who don’t quite understand the change that is occurring and are afraid, this is a safe space for you.

For Men, all men, who wish to protect women from the harsh “realities” of this world…for the Black men who wish to guard their Black women, this is a safe space for you.

For my Sisters, who give so much support to this world, but receive so very little in return: for my sisters, who may be afraid, who are questioning the future, who wonder if this is a world brilliant enough to bare children in, who are getting an education in a society that would strip it away from them if it could, who are beaten down,  and living in a world that tries to feed them insecurity for breakfast…this blog is a safe space for you.

It took me this, this election, this rude injustice, to realize that I had something else to say…

that I am not done.


Peace & Blessings from here and beyond





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